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Purple Porcupine
October 2023

Dear Customer, Member of Purple Circle, Champs & Friends!

Cheers to the start of cooler climes as we begin to wrap up the year and look forward to a spell of festivities!

But wait a minute… with Covid skulking quietly in the background, it is only fitting to remain vigilant at all times.

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woman with rubber glove wiping window

PURPLE Range of Products & Services

In addition to PURPLE (for skin)™ & PURPLEGUARD (for surfaces)™, we offer a range of services covering protective deep cleaning treatments, swabbing & testing carried out in office workspaces, cinemas, theatres, stadiums, event halls, all public areas and premises etc.

Based on individual requirements, we are also able to  provide personalized novelty gifts for corporate events, weddings etc.

View the video clips:

PURPLE (for skin)™

Scan to find out more  or visit us at for more information

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PURPLEGUARD (for surfaces)™

Scan to find out more  or visit us at for more information

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Watch this space and stay tuned for more updates on new products and exciting developments!

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