Homecare Kit – 30 Day 200 ML & Daily Clean 500 ML + Daily Clean 200 ML FREE!!


ASN Guard Antimicrobial Coating, made in Singapore, is a trusted solution that offers 3-in-1 protection – it cleans, disinfects, and shields your spaces.

This unique and affordable coating keeps your surroundings safe from harmful viruses, bacteria, mould, and algae even in extreme temperature conditions.

Our eco-friendly solution comes in two versions to offer protection up to 30 days and 90 days.

Also Daily Clean, a quick wipe down solution that kills up to 99.9% of household bacteria.

All Products are available in both 200mL and 500mL

  • Transparent and inert solution
  • Air-permeable coating and quick drying
  • Non-toxic solution offering long-term effectiveness
  • Continuous protection against bacteria and viruses such as Coronavirus, Influenza, Rotavirus, and much more

This bundle includes:
1* Daily Clean 500ml
1* 30 Day Antimicrobial Coating 200ml
*FREE* 1* Daily Clean 200ml

Directions of use:
1. Use on an area and wipe if necessary. Allow to dry before continuing to next step.
2. Spray an appropriate amount of to coat a surface, allow to dry before interacting with the area. *Upkeep*
3. Use to clean the surface at any given time by spraying and allowing to dry, or wipe with a soft cloth if you would like to remove any debris
4. Repeat step after to stay protected in your surroundings!



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