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Frequently Asked Questions

The PURPLE GUARD Antimicrobial Coating uses cutting edge technology that consists of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. It disinfects and shields surfaces from disease-causing microbes including viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi. Once the coating is applied on any surface, a nanoscale layer is formed with microscopic needles – they mechanically puncture and kill any virus or bacteria strands that fall on the PURPLE GUARD coated surface.

This process interrupts the essential function of the cell membrane and the protein activity, ultimately eliminating the disease-causing microbe. During and after this process, the coating remains intact and retains its antimicrobial abilities providing long term antimicrobial functionality.

PURPLE GUARD has been extensively tested.

Yes – it is effective against Coronavirus. PURPLE GUARD is also effective against other viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi.

PURPLE GUARD 30 & 90 Day Protection cleans, disinfects, and shields from contamination. Conventional disinfectants that are alcohol, chlorine, phenol and/or chemical-based only clean and disinfect are almost immediately open for cross contamination after application. PURPLE GUARD Antimicrobial continues to work and retain its antimicrobial abilities.
PURPLE GUARD Daily Clean works as a disinfectant to use before applying the 30 or 90 Day Protection. The PURPLE GUARD 30 and 90 Day Protection provides antimicrobial coating between cleaning cycles for either 30 or 90 days.

Simple – We named our products for simple routine implementation.

Daily Clean is used as a daily disinfectant.
30 Day Protection is applied and reapplied after 30 days.
90 Day Protection is applied and reapplied after 90 days.

No – it does not, especially when used in conjunction with PURPLE GUARD Daily Clean. This ensures that the coating is maintained well. In fact, it is best to routinely clean PURPLE GUARD coated surfaces to remove organic matter and keep the coating at the top of the surface. This makes for the system to work optimally.
PURPLE GUARD can be used in health care settings (hospital, medical/dental clinics, and aged care facilities), any mode of transport, F&B establishments, hotels, daycare centers, o#ces, shops and in your own home. The possibilities are quite endless.
PURPLE GUARD can be used on metal, steel, wood, plastic, vinyl, natural !ber textiles, synthetic textiles, stone, and granite.
PURPLE GUARD is safe for use as a coating on food contact surfaces such as counter tops in a kitchen and table tops in the dining area. It has been tested under the Singapore Food Act, FDA and EU Regulations. However, PURPLE GUARD should not be sprayed directly on food.
Yes – PURPLE GUARD is food safe and non-toxic. It has been tested under the Singapore Food Act, FDA and EU Regulations.

No – it is made purely for surface disinfection and antimicrobial coating.

Instead, use PURPLE Hand Protection! It uses the same technology so it lasts even after washing your hands and is moisturising and alcohol-free

PURPLE GUARD is noncorrosive and odourless. On top of that, the coating o”ers additional protection against most stains!
Yes – it is biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment.
No – anyone can easily treat an area or venue using our spraying system
One memorable customer was quoted

“It does not clash with my Chanel”

They will feel soft and supple. Not sticky and dry!
No – PURPLE is alcohol-free and water-based. It is also moisturising and breathable!
Yes – it is biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment.
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