Hydrating, Breathable Nano-coating

Leaves your skin soft, supple and protected

Water-based & Methanol-free

Does not contain harsh chemicals

Dermatologically Tested

Certified to be non-irritant on skin

Maintains Effectiveness

Stays on your skin even after washing hands

Feel Free to Connect Your Way,
All Day

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are effective only up to 2 minutes after application. Your hands are susceptible to cross contamination immediately after you use it.

Most common hand sanitisers are harsh on your hands.

Methanol Free
Purple™ is water-based and methanol-free, so we can comfortably use it daily.
Dermatologically Tested
Purple™ is made from ingredients that are nonirritant on our hands.
Effective Against Super-Bugs

Purple™  MRSA, keeping you and your loved ones protected from Super-Bugs.

Tested against HCOV229E

PURPLE Long-lasting Moisturizing Hand Protection Spray

Not Just A Sanitizer

Purple™ Long Lasting Hand Protection gives advanced hand protection so you can be free to connect your way, all day!


Certified & tested to eliminate 99.9% germs Stays on even after washing hands Only comes off with the natural shedding of skin.


It stays safely and smoothly on your skin even after washing your hands.

PURPLE Long-lasting Moisturizing Hand Protection Foam

Family Fun With Foam

One pump of Purple™ foam provides you with long lasting protection, leaving you worry free throughout the day.

It stays on your skin even after washing your hands.

PURPLE Long-Lasting Moisturizing Hand Protection Mist

Protection At Home & At Work

Purple™ Mist professional automatic contactless dispenser offers you and your loved ones long term protection! Only comes off with the natural shedding of skin.

Long Lasting Advanced Protection

Get Yours Today!

PURPLE FAQ Questions

Purple uses a unique and advanced technology based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds that forms a nano layer on the surface with microscopic needles which mechanically punctures and kills any virus or bacteria strands that falls on your hands. This process interrupts the essential function of the cell membrane and the protein activity, ultimately eliminating the microbe. It will disinfect your hands from viruses, bacteria and has been extensively tested.

Purple is non-toxic, non-irritant to skin, and non-flammable and it provides long lasting protection as compared to alcohol- based hand sanitizers which are effective for about 2 minutes.

Purple is safe for use in children and babes as it is alcohol free and therefore non-flammable. It is also moisturising to ensure that their fragile skin will not become dry. The best part is that it provides long lasting protection so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is well protected. It is not meant to be used directly on the skin of infants below age of 2 as it their skin is more fragile due to physiological differences. However, you can still touch your infant after spraying Purple on your hands.

Purple has been dermatologically tested and was found to be non-irritant to skin. It is water based and alcohol free and therefore will not dry out the skin, potentially leading to inflammation. Inflamed skin actually harbours more bacteria and micro-breaks in the skin will allow germs to enter. It is moisturising as it self-hydrating and also does not contain any fragrance which could potentially cause allergies. However, we suggest you seek medical advise before use of our product.

View Dermatology Test Report

Spray 4-5 times and rub evenly on both sides of hands until dry for optimal protection.
Yes, indeed you can as Purple is food safe which implies that a chemical is safe for food contact surfaces, and it has also been tested under the Singapore Food Act, FDA and EU regulations.

Purple does not come off after washing hands and will remain active on the skin for long time period after every application. It is only removed through skin exfoliation or if you rub your hands with a rough towel after washing your hands.

Purple is colourless and odourless and therefore will not cause any stains or smell to your clothes. As quoted from a customer “It does not clash with my Chanel”.
Your hands will feel soft and supple and it will not a sticky feeling as it dries quickly.
No, unlike most other hand sanitizers that contain high levels of alcohol, Purple is water based and provides a protective coating that is hydrating and breathable.
Yes. It is biodegradable and does not accumulate in the environment.
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