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Purple Protection
Stays for Days

Unlike traditional disinfectants that use poisons to create cidal kills (attacking by killing from inside with poison), Purple™ deploys a mechanical kill which punctures a cell’s membrane then applies a positive charge which neutralizes the cell. They remain effective for days, continuously puncturing the cell membranes of microbes, killing them upon contact.

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Positively Charged

All elements in the natural world are neutral or negatively charged. This holds true for micro-organisms. 

The positive charge of Purple™ creates the laws of attraction and draws the micro-organisms towards it.

Long Carbon Chain

This serves as the “blade” of the molecule. As Purple™ pulls the microorganism down, the long carbon chain pierces the cell wall and affects its ability to properly function. On top of that, Purple Guard sends out a positive charge which finally neutralizes the microorganism.

Nothing Comes Close

Purple is incredibly effective against viruses, bacteria, fungus, human coronaviruses and many more harmful microbes. This includes superbugs which have gained immunity against antibiotics.

Kills 99.99%


Viruses cause a wide range of diseases like the common cold. Purple protects you by eliminating >99.99% virus within 10 seconds, and continues to be 99.99% effective 24 hours later. 

Eliminates >99.99% of the Human Coronavirus ATCC VR-740 Within 10-Seconds, 0-Hours After Application

Eliminates >99.99% of the Human Coronavirus ATCC VR-740 Within 2-Minutes, 24-Hours After Application

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Yeast & Fungus

Fungi are the cause of common skin diseases like ringworm and athlete’s foot. Some types of fungi can even infect your lungs or nervous system. Purple kills 99.9% of yeast and fungi to shield you from fungal infection.

Eliminates >99.99% of Yeast Within 1-Minute, 24-Hours After Application

Eliminates >99.99% of Yeast Within 1-Minute, 8-Hours After Application

DESTROYS 99.999%

Bad Bacteria

Bad bacteria can cause illnesses such as zoonosis, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, etc. Purple is 99.999% effective against these disease-causing bacteria, killing them before they can evolve into superbugs. 

Eliminates >99.999% of Bacteria Within 60-Seconds, 0-Hours After Application

Eliminates >99.99% of Bacteria, 90-Days After Application

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Bad for Germs

Great for Skin

Hydrosil Logo

Purple Hydrosil™ is an advanced technological innovation that seals in moisture on your skin for up to 4 hours, leaving your skin more hydrated by up to 37%. Say goodbye to icky, gooey and slimy residue.

PURPLE is able to Enhance Skin Moisture by 33.7%

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HydroSil™ Means No Methanol.
And No Nonsense.

Prolonged exposure to methanol can cause health problems such as nausea and vomiting, headaches, blurred vision, seizures, permanent damage to the nervous system or even death in severe cases. 

Purple HydroSil™ technology is engineered to contain no traces of Methanol, so it protects without hurting your skin.

PURPLE Contains No Traces of Methanol

Other Features

icon Hydrating

Purple is formulated with only the ingredients necessary to make it work. It contains no artificial scents, so there’s no risk of inadvertent chemical reactions that reduce effectiveness.

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Pleasant & Safe

Our products are water-based, alcohol free and our Hand Sanitiser has been dermatologically tested. Our Surface Sanitiser & Protectant has food contact and food packaging approvals.

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Made in Singapore

Purple and its technologies were proudly designed, engineered and innovated in Singapore by Materra Solutions Pte. Ltd, a leader in advanced chemicals and polymers for industrial and commercial purposes.

We Tested the
Out of This!

We put Purple under the microscope, testing every aspect of its power, safety and effectiveness. Every skin and surface anti-microbial coating from Purple is pushed and tested to its limits, beyond most standards out there. It is our commitment to true, genuine and proven effectiveness.

Get Purple Protected

Choose from surface sanitisers that keep your environment germ-free, or moisturising hand sanitisers that you can easily carry with you to work or play. Whether it’s for your skin, your home or your whole family, there is Purple™ for everyone. 

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